Boxbox Furniture is an interior brand founded in 2011, specializing in manufacturing high-end furniture products. This brand is owned by VGC – a company based in Hangover, Federal Republic of Germany.

In 2018, the company had a huge transformation in the products. Boxbox Furniture focuses on researching and developing smart interior products with flexible features in customization as well as long-term value for the customers. For the basic requirement such as: offices, store, family furniture or for those more specific demanded such as hospitals, airports, restaurants, Boxbox Furniture products always meets your request perfectly. The production system was built and evaluated according to European standards. Moreover, some innovations are researched and developed by their own, which are considered to be the leader in the manufacturing industry. This is a potent proof on bringing outstanding quality and special value for products branded Boxbox Furniture in the near future. Cooperate with top experts from Asia and German in design, consulting, researching as well as developing products is the honor and the best demonstration for Boxbox Furniture’s determination on serving all fastidious markets all around the world.

 Boxbox Furniture’s products have been distributed to customers in some fastidious markets and received positive response. In addition, the customers feedback is also the motivation for the company to continue researching in order to make appropriate improvements to complete the product with absolute quality.

Vietnam, a market which is considered a strategic move in brand development as well as a momentum in the overall development process. According to a recent research, the strength of this market is the liberal in receiving new technologies which are the consequence of the integration economy and Vietnam is not an exception. However, this is not an easy situation when the furniture industry in Vietnam is still mainly characterized by traditional wooden products. Moreover, the insight of local consumers is quite classic and conservative, especially in the furniture industry that Boxbox Furniture aims to. With the cooperate with WorldBox Company to be the very first partner of the company in Vietnam, the Boxbox Furniture brand has made the first steps and entered this fastidious market. WorldBox has made their strategy and expresses their determination to reform the orientation of Vietnamese insight, develop Boxbox Furniture products. This will bring a brand-new soul for the interior industry and make a revolution in the way Vietnamese choose style for their interior space.

The first move introduced by WorldBox in Vietnam began by letting businesses use Boxbox Furniture's products as a lease asset. This step will be the first shot to mark the appearance of the Boxbox Furniture brand on the Vietnam market, which is also a marker for the market penetration of entirely new furniture products, blowing soul for designs with the modern and luxurious in the near future.

 Thank you for letting BoxBox come to life!