Business fields 

-   Furniture Manufacturing & Distribution 

-   Consultation, design & construction house interior, offices and other spaces 


Following the motto "Unlock your mind" – we break all usual boundaries of normal interior products, BoxBox strives to be the leading enterprise in producing and distributing modular products using building-block principle in Vietnam. 


To offer "Magic" products to customers, a whole new world in which they can be creative products from Vietnam, made by Vietnamese people and Made in Vietnam. 



Starting from loving and keeping up with passion, BoxBox is the result of the relentless efforts from the beginning when us getting familiar with the concept of modular furniture. It is difficult to build up a brand of a product line that is still unfamiliar to the domestic market; to meet international standards and expand requires even more effort. Understanding this, BoxBox always focuses on developing people, products, services and technologies to give customers and partners the most valuable experience. 



Staffs are regularly trained to improve quality & efficiency of work. BoxBox also focuses on taking care of staffs through improving working environment, daily meals, insurance/periodic health check, physical training space... 


Products and services 

In addition to using imported & environment-friendly materials, the quality of products is strictly monitored through quality tests. BoxBox always accompanies customers during using time to promptly support, periodically guarantee and quickly advise as needed in order to change product design. 



Always improving to increase product performance & quality, the technology implemented by BoxBox is the most advanced method consulted by German experts. For sustainable development, BoxBox also pays great attention to solving waste problem & doing CSR activities in the production area. Particularly, we carry out environmental protection, waste classification and processing at source as well as researching for solutions to reduce waste and emissions when producing. 


Customers & Partners 

BoxBox accomplishments are achieved not only by our effort but also by the support from all customers & partners. We are committed to continuing to grow, bringing long-term values and strong connections forward. 


Thank you for putting your faith in BoxBox!