Greeting letter to the website

A greetings letter to you,

We are not selling to you.
You already consume enough of what is necessary.
Maybe you are possessing too much of what you need.

Possession is the anchor that holds you stagnant while life is constantly moving and offering you many opportunities. You turn down. You feel stuck. Every day is a burden, a vicious cycle to go to work but returning to a place called home after do not feel much better.

Home is supposed to be a place of love and serenity. But there is too much cleaning to do. There are too much clutters. You make money only to spend on things you do not need and as you age, you realize how meaningless a lifetime you have spent not living but just surviving. These materials do not bring you fulfillment. You never feel enough no matter how much money you have made, and how fancy your house look. Have you ever asked deeply within why?

Let me tell you a story. My trip to Bali. This place is sacred.
I am at a loss for words in even coming close to describe my feelings that have been welling up during two weeks in Bali. Saltwater rivers have poured from my eyes. I’ve never fallen in love with a place before my entire life. Balinese people are gentle and kind. They live simply. Most have very little. They are not wealthily looking with high-end brands or fancy cars. Houses are cozy and close to the source of this Earth. They do not seek to be fulfilled by the external. For they are already whole within, in the fluid harmony with nature. To them, money is only a mere concept - an illusion. They do not complain about having less but smile and learn to let go. The owner at one of the Airbnb I stayed told me this as he asked if I could write a nice review for him “the economy is bad. I need a bit of good luck.” They learn acceptance, let go and cultivating happiness from within their spirits.

Nature has given us enough of what we need to survive. From the day we were born, we always been carried to greater evolution. But part of this society, the ones in greed seek to control us, to diminish our light. We are conditioned to believe in a certain type of success, swallowed into an achingly empty chasm of isolation. We are suffering from unspoken thoughts and suppressed feelings. Everyone wants to fulfill the highest truest expression of themselves as a human being. But everyone is placing that authentic expression into the hands of others, into the one who pulled you in a whirlpool of consumerism that never seems to end. You are being controlled.

Reality is a reflection of what’s going inside you. The mess on your head and unresolved emotions weight heavily at heart. You are hungry for an escape, to leave everything behind and just go your way for a new fresh start.

So we are here, to listen, and walk along with you through this transition into true meaningful life. We understand the responsibility of being a human in this society that we need to pay bills, take care of ourselves and the loved ones. We cannot abandon the most basic needs. You still keep your job and stay where you are. But you need a place - a sanctuary to come back and deeply reconnect with your true being within.

You want to clear up your space, for a place that brings peace and clarity to your being. We just want to make this transition effortless for you. The rest of this evolution work, you have enough willpower and strength within to carry on.
We believe in you. This is a step taken to meet your higher self. Change your lifestyle!

Best regards,